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Although we are "touring" under the name "Kaesgrainer" only since beginning of 2000, we made already earlier a number of skiing-tours together in different compositions. Everything began with the ZGB KOMBA Skiing-Tours, where the "Kaesgrainer" members got to know each other. Yearly in January our tour-guide Karl-Heinz leads us either in a well known and popular or interesting new skiing-area. With normally 50 to 90 participants we take "tradionally" the coaches from Omnibus Kraus from Forchheim to travel towards the snow.

1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

The first tour where at least two of our members did participate was in January 1993 with ZGB KOMBA and the destination was Saas Fee in Switzerland.

When January 16 to 23, 1993
Skiing-Area Saas Fee
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Saas Almagell
Hotel Kristall / Saphir
Who Peter and Dirk
Weather 6 days sun or cloudy
Snow-Conditions hard, partly icy, downhill to Saas Fee possible
Other Topics  
Pics Pics of Saas Fee 1993

In the year after (1994) the ZGB KOMBA skiing tour led us to Saas Fee again. This year Bettina was on board the first time. Unfortunately we had a terrible weather this week and we were able to go skiing only for two and a half days. Snow and storm started in the afternoon of the first day, so that we were not able to leave the hotel on the 2nd day. The 3rd and 4th day had finest weather, but skiing was not possible in Saas Fee, because the skiing-area was closed due to danger of avalanches after the heavy snowfalls. We decided to go for skiing to the area of Saas Grund for these days. On the 5th days the storm returned and on the 6th and last day we had the previous situation: weather top - skiing area closed due to danger of avalanches

When January 15 to 22, 1994
Skiing-Area Saas Fee
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Saas Almagell
Hotel Kristall / Saphir
Who Bettina, Peter and Dirk
Weather 3 days snowfall/storm, 3 days sun
Snow-Conditions powder / fresh-fallen snow (too much)
Other Topics only 2 and a half skiing days due to storm and danger of avalanches, therefore the tradition of playing UNO was born in this year, what increased the consumption of Willi (pear-schnapps) tremendously
Pics Pics of Saas Fee 1994

For 1995 ZGB KOMBA was looking for a new skiing-area and we arrived in Madonna di Campiglio. The brandnew Hotel Tevini is located in Commezzadura in Val di Sole where the skiing-area Folgarida/Marilleva is included in the skiing-area-cooperation of Madonna di Campiglio. In that year Sabine was with us for the first time and she filled all of us with enthusiasm with her excellent skiing skills.

When January 14 to 21, 1995
Skiing-Area Madonna di Campiglio / Folgarida / Marilleva
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Commezzadura
Hotel Tevini
Who Sabine, Bettina, Peter and Dirk
Weather 6 days sun oder cloudy
Snow-Conditions powder in Madonna di Campiglio,
Old snow, partly hard in Folgarida, Marilleva
Other Topics  
Pics Pics of Madonna 1995

On the wish of most of the participants from 1995 the ZGB KOMBA skiing tour 1996 was planned once again for Madonna di Campiglio. Stefan joined the "Kaesgrainer" team even if the name "Kaesgrainer was not yet invented at that point in time.

When January 13 to 20, 1996
Skiing-Area Madonna di Campiglio / Folgarida / Marilleva
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Commezzadura
Hotel Tevini
Who Sabine, Bettina, Stefan, Peter and Dirk
Weather 2 days sun, 4 days fog or light snowfall
Snow-Conditions new-fallen snow / powder
Other Topics The always popular fair-well-race had to take place under deep snow conditions this year, because there was heavy snowfall of 50cm the night before
Pics Pics of Madonna 1996

In the year 1997 we were able to get to know again a new skiing-area with ZGB KOMBA, since the tour-operator sent us to the skiing-area of Val di Fiemme in Italy. The area between Obereggen, Pampeago and Predazzo impressed us by its perfectly prepared slopes as we have seen those never before. Lydia, another later "Kaesgrainer", took part already years before at the ZGB KOMBA tour and was with us again after a longer break.

When January 18 to 25, 1997
Skiing-Area Latemar / Val di Fiemme
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Castello near Cavalese
Hotel Bellavista
Who Sabine, Bettina, Lydia, Stefan, Peter and Dirk
Weather 6 days pure sun and no cloud to see in the sky
Snow-Conditions new-fallen snow and perfectly prepared slopes
Other Topics The Hotel Bellavista offers an indoor-pool and a nearby cellar-bar in mountain-hut-style. This environment offered
a perfect atmosphere for the typical ZGB KOMBA parties,
which have been celebrated again into the early mornings.
A special recognition belongs to the director and the chief-
servant, who sacrified their nights for our hospitality.
Pics Pics of Latemar 1997 (in preparation)

Due to the outstanding success in the year before, the ZGB KOMBA Skiing-Tour 1998 was planned again for the skiing-area of Val di Fiemme. Again two new later "Kaesgrainer" members joined the team. After a long fight Dirk was able to persuade his former college-friend Andi from Hannover to start dealing with the subject of skiing. What would be better in this case as to start with a ZGB KOMBA skiing-tour and to book a beginner's course with our popular skiing-instructors from the ski-school Lamer Winkel. Besides that Bettina and Stefan were able to get Toni off from his earlier aversion to skiing. He came as a bloody beginner and went home as a fearless downhiller.

When January 17 to 24, 1998
Skiing-Area Latemar / Val di Fiemme
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Castello near Cavalese
Hotel Bellavista
Who Sabine, Bettina, Lydia, Andi, Stefan, Toni, Peter and Dirk
Weather 3 days pure sun and 3 Tage snowfall or fog
Snow-Conditions new-fallen snow / powder and perfectly prepared slopes
Other Topics With his famous indoor-pool "table-jump" Andi was taken
finally to all Kaesgrainer's hearts. During the final of an
unforgetable pool-party he jumped from the pool rim through
(right: "through") the tabletop of a small plastic garden table
which was swimming on four polystyrene swimming pads
on the water surface. As a result he left a circular whole with
a diameter of about 40cm in that tabletop and a 20cm long
gash at the upper part of his own body which was fortunately
harmless. By the way, the table was swimming on the water
surface after the jump (but with the whole) as solid as before.
Pics Pics of Latemar 1998

For the 2nd time after 1991 the ZGB KOMBA skiing-tour came 1999 to the former Yugoslavia. In the skiing-area Vogel near Bohinj in Slovenia Kaesgrainer Peter already started his first sliding tries on skiers. For the former beginner appearing still as a varied skiing area, some boredom came up in that year with respect to the offer of slopes in this skiing area. For the in the meantime advanced Kaesgrainers only the possibility of diversion by speedy downhills on the 7km long and sophisticated downhill route as well as by spontaneous summit-champaign-parties was left.

When February 13 to 20, 1999
Skiing-Area Vogel
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Bohinj
Hotel Jezero
Who Sabine, Bettina, Lydia, Andi, Stefan, Toni, Peter and Dirk
Weather 1 day fog, 1 day rain and snow, 4 days sun
Snow-Conditions good conditions with constraints after the day with rain
Other Topics One highlight of the Bohinj-tour was the night sledge race.
On a 3kms long closed, small and narrow mountain-road,
a sledging-run was prepared like an olympic ice-labyrinth.
With small mine-lamps on the forehead and some defiance
of death behind that, we drove our traditional-style sledges
downhill with maximum speed. Breaking was impossible at
all. Some crashes were unavoidable since some of the sharp
curves were not able to stand the speed. Fortunately every
driver arrived the finish alive, except Toni who sustained
some injuries, which destroyed his chances for the win of
the fairwell-race.
Pics Pics of Bohinj 1999

The first ZGB KOMBA skiing-tour in the 3rd millenium gave us again a new skiing-area. The hotel "Sport" in Santa Caterina which is in the area of Bormio in Italy was selected, so that the skiing-area of Santa Caterina as well as that of Bormio was available for us.

When January 15 to 22, 2000
Skiing-Area Bormio / Santa Caterina
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Santa Caterina
Hotel Sport
Who Sabine, Bettina, Lydia, Andi, Stefan, Toni and Dirk
Snow-Conditions old snow, icy
Other Topics  
Pics Pics of Bormio 2000

Since indoor-pool and leisure-centre have been finalized meanwhile in the Hotel Tevini, it was time to drop in there once again in the year 2001. Madonna di Campiglio was anyway one of the most beautiful and extensive skiing-areas we ever spent our skiing vacations.

When January 13 to 20, 2001
Skiing-Area Madonna di Campiglio / Folgarida / Marilleva
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Commezzadura
Hotel Tevini
Who Sabine, Bettina, Lydia, Peter, Stefan and Toni
Weather 5 days pure sun, inbetween one night snowfall with half-a-day overcast before and after
Snow-Conditions powder and perfectly prepared slopes. On the last two days we had new snow in addition
Other Topics Without doubts one of the best KOMBA tours in the last years,
not because, but although Dirk and Andi were not with us this
year. We appeared the first time with our brand-new T-Shirts
and Luis was very happy with the "Honorary-Kaesgrainer"
T-Shirt he got. The skiing-area of Madonna has filled us with
enthusiasm again. Together with Erika and "Broesel", who
represented Andi and Dirk successfully we covered this year
again each lift and slope of this huge area. With the help of
his "heavy-load-bag" Stefan again was able to perfectly take
care of us in terms of food supply. He provided farmers-bread,
frankonian smoked ham and sausage, caipirinha, champaign
and for sure the famous "Kaesgrainer" sausages. The Hotel
Tevini again provided a best-class hospitality to us, what
encouraged us to spend there as well the KOMBA tour 2002.
Pics Pics of Madonna 2001


The Enthusiasm of the whole team in 2001 lead to the decision to visit Hotel Tevini in Madonna di Campiglio again in 2002. The versatile skiing area, the convenient and friendly Hotel as well as the stable weather conditions lead to this decision as well. In the run-up to this years tour our expectations have been scaled down, because there was no snowfall at all since November 2001 in this area. Hiking-shoes, Mountainbikes and swimming trunks therefore should have been the moneyspinners of this season. Moreover, all of us were heavily surprised when we found a perfectly prepared skiing area on the first skiing day. Around 75% of the slopes have been perfectly prepared with artificial snow.  der Pisten waren perfekt künstlich beschneit und präpariert. A big plaudit to the slope service team of Madonna di Campiglio and Folgarida/Marilleva !

When January 12 to 19, 2002
Skiing-Area Madonna di Campiglio / Folgarida / Marilleva
Organisation ZGB KOMBA
Destination Commezzadura
Hotel Tevini
Who Sabine, Bettina, Lydia, Peter, Stefan, Dirk and Andi
Weather 7 days pure sun
Snow-Conditions Not a single snowflake of natural snow. Around 75% of the slopes have been perfectly prepared with artificial snow
Sonstiges Again an amazing trip.  The perfect weather has consoled us against the fact that we had to move on 100% artificial snow. As usual fun didn't miss out again. After the usual Apres-Ski in the Irish Pub at the ground- station and the "recreation-cappuccino" at the hotel bar we continued the party on one of our rooms. During the presentation of the daily skiing- movie we had Lumumba, Jagatee or Caipirinha. Evenings were amusing while playing UNO, having disco-nights and the first performances after 
a one-year-break of the "Wahnsinn" band. Should be mentioned in addition that Stefan was very busy during the week to clean-up his voucher-booklet that he got as a birthday present from the rest of the team. A short excerpt: breakfast to the bed, one grappa, dumb looking, 
one cappuccino, carrying skiers, again dumb looking, etc. The absolute   punchline was a bathtub session with Mr. Dr. Klöbner (see pics), which was utilized immediately to play the whole sketch "Men in the bathroom" ("Männer im Bad") from Loriot and store it on video.
Pics Pics of Madonna 2002


Since some of the Kaesgrainer's never had been in Ischgl before, we decided to have the 2002 Kaesgrainer skiing trip to Ischgl. After a long struggle, we were able to organize 2 appartments in See, because rooms in Ischgl have been available only for a complete week at that time. But these appartments were not a bad choice. A large room with place for everybody, breakfast prepared by the owner, nice rooms and a great wellness area let us forget the daily 15km trip up to Ischgl.

When 8. to 11. March 2002
Skiing-Area Ischgl
Organization Peter
Destination Ischgl
Hotel Apart Olympia See, Familie Wolf (info@apartolympia.at)
Who Bettina, Lydia, Peter, Manfred, Stefan, Dirk, Gaby, Andi, Sabine, Gerhard
Weather 4 Tage pure sunshine, over 15 Grad Celsius in the valley
Snow-Conditions very much snow, partly soft because of high temperature, but all slopes good to ski
Other Topics  
Pics Pics of Ischgl 2002


For the now yearly Kaesgrainer skiing trip, we decided in 2003 to go to Mayrhofen/Zillertal. We booked 2 Appartments and one double room and had 4 great days in the skiing area Penken. We prepared breakfast by our own (7am) and on the first evening we had fresh "Schlachtschüssel with Sauerkraut" prepared by Stefan. Snow was perfect and we had 4 days only sun. What else do we need ?

When 9. to 13. January 2003
Skiing-Area Penken
Organization Peter
Destination Mayrhofen
Hotel Haus Beate Schiestl
Who Bettina, Lydia, Renate, Peter, Stefan, Dirk, Gaby, Andi, Sabine, Gerhard
Weather 4 days pure sunshine, snowfall at arrival and leave :-)
Snow-Conditions new snow, all slopes good to ski, sometimes a little bit icy
Other Topics  
Pics Pics of Mayrhofen 2003


After we were in Madonna for 2 years, we had the wish to find another destination for 2003. Therefore our organizer selected a nice Hotel in Kiens near Bruneck at the skiing area Kronplatz for the KOMBA trip 2003. The Hotel Kronblick offered all what is needed: friendly staff, delicious food, drinks until the last guest goes to bed and a great cellar bar. The skiing area Kronplatz offers everything for beginners as well as for experts, enough different slopes, good preparation and the highest number of huts per slope we have ever seen: More than 30 huts on 90 km slopes. Finally we spent 2 days for skiing in the "Sella Ronda" area, which is about 30km away from Kronplatz, and enjoyed the great mountain panorama there.

When 15. to 22. February 2003
Skiing-Area Kronplatz
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Kiens
Hotel Kronblick
Who Bettina, Lydia, Peter, Stefan
Weather 7 days pure sunshine
Snow-Conditions a lot of  artificial snow, but perfectly prepared slopes and good to ski
Other Topics Again, this years trip was a great thing. Unfortunately Sabine, Dirk and Andi could not be with us this year. After 2 ice-cold but sunny days it became a little bit warmer, that we were able to take the open air seats at the numerous skiing huts in the Kronplatz skiing area. Bivacco, Herzl Alm and Geiselsberger Hütte were the favourites. The final destination of each skiing day was the Heinz-Tenne at Reischach ground station. There was great Apres-Ski so that we always missed our own bus and had to take the late ski bus. Since dinner was scheduled already for 6.30pm, we always had to hurry. And we didn't want to miss the daily cappuccino at the bar on arrival at the hotel. Dinner was always fine - big recognition to the kitchen - especially the Gala-Dinner on Friday was delicious. The skiing highlight was the double trip to Corvara with Sella Ronda tour left and right direction. We joined Werner's group for that and had a lot of fun. Fortunately the wheather was great on both days. The fairwell party, which lasted again until sunrise, provided as usual a lot of fun with medals, speeches and dance and especially the Italian variant a the famous RTL show "Der Kronplatz sucht den Superstar". The skiing instructors Luis "Trinker", "Brother" Hofmann, Werner "Beinhart", Helm "Hagen" and Jack "the Ripper" had to fight for being the "Superstar". Unfortunately all of them showed such a bad performance (;-)) that the winner of the previous year  Mac "Donalds" has been declared as "Superstar 2003" without participating 
Pics Pics of  Kronplatz 2003


Because everybody was very satisfied in 2003 with the Hotel and skiing area, it has been decided, that the skiing tour 2004 should take place again in the skiing area Kronplatz with accomodation in the Hotel "Kronblick" in Kiens. Unfortunately we had only 45 participants this year due to the inconvenient date ( 1 week before carneval), but as usual we had a lot of fun again. Great weather, good snow conditions and again two fantastic days in the "Sella Ronda" area lead this trip to another success. The only caveat was the our Charly caught a bad knee injury only 2 days after his first successful completed Sella Ronda.

When 14. to 21. February 2004
Skiing-Area Kronplatz
Organization ZGB KOMBA
Destination Kiens
Hotel Kronblick
Who Bettina, Lydia, Peter, Stefan, Dirk, (Sabine)
Weather 4 pure sunshine, 1 day fog, 1 day clouds
Snow-Conditions good snow conditions,  perfectly prepared, all slopes good to ski
Other Topics Again a great tour. Unfortunately Andi was not able to be with us. Sabine was together with her family in Olang at the same time, so that we were able to meet for skiing regularly. The 2 Sella Ronda days have been set to Monday and Tuesday this time, which was a big luck, because especially for these two days we had best weather. For the right and left circle we joined again Werner's group and therefore had a lot of skiing fun, best views and fun. For day number 4 at Kronplatz we had a special idea for carneval. Stefan organized for everybody in the Kaesgrainer team a magenta-colored wig and Peter prepared new Kaesgrainer T-Shirts. We spent the whole skiing day wearing the wig and the T-Shirt over the skiing jacket.  Finally we entered the K1 Apres Bar at the Reischach ground station. Also for the Apres-Party in the hotel we wear our T-Shirts and wigs. Unfortunately we had strong fog on Thursday in the skiing area. In order to wait for better conditions the whole KOMBA team met in the Geiselsberger hut. Unfortunately the heating was out of order that day, so that we were not able to generate some fun. In addition we were informed that Charly caught a bad knee injury when he tried to find the hut in the fog and had to be transportet to the hospital in Bruneck.  Therefore he was not able to join the fairwell party on Friday and had to miss that he received the Kroni 2004. The Kaesgrainer prepared a kind of Oscar-Party where all persons which worked successfully for the KOMBA skiing tours during the last years received a Kroni 2004: Dieter as busdriver role model, Charly as expert for photos and movies, Karl-Heinz, because he organized to tour for 25 years now successfully and finally Andrea for her quiet work in the background on organization and support.
Pics Pics of Kronplatz 2004


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